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RO-STAR is an important Romanian biscuits factory, equipped with high capacity production lines adapted for a high technological productivity.The company was established in 1996 when the investment plan included the construction of a modern factory on an area of 8.000 square meters, having as a main business activity the production of biscuits.

In early March 1997, RO-STAR was producing its first biscuits from a range of 7 assortments. An important segment of the Romanian market was quickly won due to high quality products along with an attractive price. Demand continued to generate new investments, today having three lines of high performance capacity of 50t./day.

 Our product portfolio reaches up to 57 biscuits assortment, and it is constantly increasing in order to meet the requirements and expectations of the domestic and international market.<br> The business was in a continuous growth until 2008 when the economic crisis hit the market, financial deadlocks avoidance measures were taken: contractual terms with partners were renegotiated, the stored production was diminished to a level in which orders were honored without any additional costs and further investments were stopped.

Financialprogress was experienced starting with 2013 when the turnover reached 33 mil lei; in 2014 a 10% growth was registered reaching a turnover of 36 mil lei, only on the domestic market.

This increase was due the high quality products and the reshuffle sales team, which was able to adopt to the economic market principles. RO-STAR is currently a market leader on Petit Beurre biscuits range and between the 3 big players on the Romanian biscuits market. Significant sales can be observed also in the range of cream biscuits, especially Big Fox. Beside the ongoing projects for  portfolio expansion on the export market, the company will continue to increase its production capacity and continue the hiring process. Compared to 2012 when the number of employees dropped to 290 employees, we now got to a number of 385 with a real growth trend in 2015. 

 RO-STAR’s fundamental goal is to deliver the highest quality products, at an accessible price, in order to meet the needs of our end customers in a profitable way. In order to maintain the company’s competitive advantage and the leading position on the Romanian market, we are focused on identifying, anticipating and satisfying the ever changing needs of our customers. <br>To ensure our presence on both International and Romanian market, we concentrate on the distribution system, offering a wide range of selling possibilities. Products are available in selling points like small stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets and cash & carry supermarkets, our company producing also private labels for 3 hypermarkets in Romania. Private labels are also produced for Poland and in the near future for Hungary. We are currently developing our distribution system, in which we target discount stores.
 The high quality of our products, flexible management policy and devotion to ever-changing consumer needs, led us to gain brand recognition abroad, RO-STAR goods being present in Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Sweden, Poland, China and Canada.